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Melon Gazpacho with Chimichurri

Hi Gård fam, it’s Jen - Marketing Director and foodie. This last weekend I stopped in to Gård Public House before our vineyard tour because I’d been dying to try Chef Nick’s gazpacho that looked so amazing and drool-worthy in a pic he sent a couple of weeks before. It did not disappoint!

At first, I was skeptical of the fruit addition, but the melon perfectly balanced the acidity of the tomatoes and peppers and the vinegar in the chimichurri. I ate every bite, wanted to lick the bowl (sadly, I was in public), and it was literally the first thing I thought of when I woke up the next morning. Is breakfast gazpacho a thing? It should be, especially on a hot, end-of-summer day. I’m rooting for welcome sips of gazpacho alongside the welcome wine as guests arrive for next year’s tour!

Some consider this traditionally Spanish cold soup as more of a drink, but it can be served in a number of ways – in chilled tumblers, shallow bowls, or even as gazpacho “shots” as an app at your next dinner party. Chef Nick’s version is smooth, creamy and almost fluffy due to the emulsion of the veggies and fruit with rich olive oil. The toasted garlic croutons and finely diced red onion add texture and a little crunch, while the chimichurri adds visual contrast and an herbaceous note.

All in all, a fantastic dish to end the summer season! I’m so grateful Chef Nick was willing to share this recipe with you.

Our 2020 Semillon and this gazpacho are a great congruent pairing because the wine and the food share some of the same qualities in their profile. The acidity in the wine stands up to the acidity in the gazpacho, the grassy notes compliment the green herbs in the chimichurri sauce and the floral, stone fruits and melon flavors blend with the melon and nectarine in the gazpacho.

As an alternative, our 2019 Reverence Grenache blend pairs well in that it's tannins add some nice texture when enjoying with this cold soup, and the fruitiness in the gazpacho offers a balance with the white pepper spice of the Reverencewine.


Serves: 8 i(n standard bowls as shown above)

Recommended pairings: 2020 Semillon or 2019 Reverence


  • 5 c summer melon (such as watermelon, honey dew, cantaloupe or a combination), cubed

  • 5 c fresh tomatoes (ideally heirloom), cubed

  • 1 c cucumber (ideally lemon or English cucumber - unpeeled; if using regular cucumber, peel), cubed

  • 1 red bell pepper, seeds and veins removed (ideally roasted & skinned)

  • ½ green bell pepper , seeds and veins removed (ideally roasted & skinned)

  • 1 ½ c stale bread, cubed

  • 1 garlic cloves

  • 1 T salt

  • 3/4 extra virgin olive oil

  • Optional garnish: Good quality croutons and/or nectarines/peaches/melon


  1. Combine everything EXCEPT for the olive oil. Let marinate 1 hour.

  2. Add marinated ingredients to blender and blend until smooth (may need to blend in 2 batches).

  3. Slowly drizzle olive oil into blended ingredients through the top of the blender lid to emulsify and create a smooth, velvety texture. This may take 2-5 minutes.

  4. Chill at least 1 hour.

  5. Pour into bowls or chilled glasses. Drizzle with chimichurri, add croutons and additional fruit if using.

  6. Serve immediately with a glass of wine, such as our Semillon or Reverence.

  7. Enjoy!


If you end up with extra, drizzle leftover chimichurri on grilled steak, chicken, shrimp or pork for fresh, green flavor!


  • ½ red onion, minced

  • ¼ c fresh flat leaf/Italian parsley, chopped

  • ¼ fresh cilantro, chopped

  • 1 T fresh oregano, chopped

  • 1 t garlic, finely grated

  • 1 ½ t kosher salt

  • 1 jalapeño, seeded & finely minced

  • 1 c extra virgin olive oil

  • ¼ cup red wine vinegar


  1. Combine onion, parsley, cilantro, oregano, garlic, jalapeño, salt, stir to mix. Add oil and vinegar.

  2. Drizzle over gazpacho as mentioned in step 6 above.

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