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Our Top 6 St Patrick's Day-Appropriate Apps

These five appetizer recipes and wine pairing suggestions are too good not to re-visit for St. Patty's Day! The first three are in keeping with the Irish theme (though we wouldn't call them "traditional") and the next three simply fit in with the green vibe of the holiday. We hope you enjoy because we think they're magically delicious!🎵🌈🍀

Embrace the luck of the Irish with two little sandwiches that outshine any deli offerings this St Paddy's Day! Each starts with a base of rye bread, succulent sliced corned beef, and a pickle, and then they go their separate ways...

Try this unique charcuterie board take on a traditional St. Patrick's Day meal! This board includes the usual Irish standards of corned beef, roasted potatoes and carrots, cabbage-esque Brussels sprouts, and creamed horseradish - plus anything else you want to add!

This delightful appetizer combines the freshness of green peas with the savory goodness of crispy prosciutto. Easy to prepare and sure to impress!

This easy app is a crowd-pleaser! Creamy burrata balances out the bright, herbaceous, garlicky kale pesto and the crusty bread makes for a satisfying crunch.

A light (and gluten-free) app of smoked salmon, dill, capers and chive cream cheese for the win! These crisp, fresh, yet smokey little bites are a huge hit - at our last event, every single one was eaten! Plus, they are super easy and fun to make.

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