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Lawrence Vineyards’ picturesque views of eastern Washington and Oregon farm country are only outdone by what nature beautifully illustrates in the grapes –and ultimately the wine it produces.

After farming the Royal Slope for more than 40 years, we developed our first block of vineyard in 2003 and haven’t slowed down since except to enjoy the fruits of our labor in the glass. Most of our vineyards are located in the Royal Slope AVA. We also farm vineyards in the Columbia Valley AVA, Wahluke Slope AVA, and The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater AVA. All vineyards are certified sustainable.

The Lawrence family farms 14 distinct vineyards with careful clonal selection of more than 20 wine grape varieties:

  • Royal Slope AVA vineyards: Corfu Crossing, La Reyna Blanca, Laura Lee, Scarline, Solaksen, Stoneridge, Thunderstone, and Boneyard (in partnership with the Freeman family)

  • Columbia Valley AVA vineyard: Conner Lee (in partnership with the Merkle family)

  • Wahluke Slope AVA vineyard: Desert Wind (in partnership with the Merkle family)

  • The Rocks District AVA vineyards: Icarus, Daedalus, Crossfire, and Force Field (all in partnership with the Merkle family)


The Lawrences and other Royal Slope farmers were instrumental in getting federal approval for the Royal Slope AVA in September of 2020. The Royal Slope is located roughly halfway between Seattle and Spokane in eastern Washington state, northeast of the Wahluke Slope AVA and southeast of the Ancient Lakes AVA. Royal City is the only town located within the Royal Slope AVA, where Gård Vintners has its restaurant Gård Public House.

The Royal Slope is a semi-arid desert with approximately 6-8 inches of precipitation annually. It is a relatively young growing region with the town of Royal City officially incorporated in 1962 only after irrigation started to become available from the Grand Coulee Dam by way of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project


The Royal Slope stretches 30 miles east-west along the Frenchman Hills with 90% of the area featuring a gentle to somewhat steep south-facing slope. The average elevation on the Royal Slope is 1,300 feet, leading to cooler nighttime temperatures and slightly lower daytime temperatures than lower elevation, warmer growing areas. Our Royal Slope vineyards range from 760-1,675 feet in elevation.


In all, the AVA totals 156,389 acres. Vineyards on the Royal Slope produce more than 20 different varieties of wine grapes.  The majority of the area’s soils are formed of windblown silts or ‘loess.’ The area is also well known for growing a large variety of other agricultural crops, including apples, potatoes, forages and much more.


About the name: The naming of the Royal Slope has always been a mystery. Early pioneers referred to the area as the Royal Flats, and early maps described the area as the Royal Slope. Local folklore offers a story of a pair of Scotsmen who climbed the Saddle Mountains and drank in the view of the south-canted topography – perfect for farming – and remarked, "Now that's a Royal Slope."

The Lawrence Vineyards

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Lawrence Vineyards sustainably farms more than 20 wine grape varieties in 14 distinct vineyard sites across four AVAs in eastern Washington and Oregon: Columbia Valley, Royal Slope, The Rocks District and Wahluke Slope. 

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