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A Warm Welcome to My Brother Matt

Please help us welcome my brother, Matt Lawrence, to the Gård team as Director of Business Development & Hospitality!

We are excited for Matthew (left) to put his stamp on our tasting rooms. He has spent the last 20+ years in business management and customer relations and is dedicated to the “experience” a guest has with us at each of our locations.

Being part of the family, he will also help tell our story from a history, family and community perspective. We shared a lot of experiences and jobs on the farm growing up, not the least of which included breaking ground on what eventually became the home of our Corfu Crossing, Scarline and La Reyna Blanca vineyards.

We are excited to have him on board and a member of our “other” family!

-Josh Lawrence, Owner

More About Matt:

Matthew (that's what we call him, but everyone else calls him Matt), Peter and I grew up in a tight-knit agricultural family. Our lives revolved around the farm, sports and school (probably in that order, sorry mom). Matthew was always the funny and compassionate one - probably part of being the middle child.

He and I are four years apart and then Pete came along another four years later. While we all got along very well, we weren’t tight like friends growing up due to the age gap. We became closer as Matthew entered high school and I came home from college during the summers to work on the farm. We are very similar in our sense of humor and love for Will Ferrell movies. Matthew and I are close today and we are grateful that our families get to spend a good amount of time together.

Matt now lives east of Seattle with his wife Lindsey and their four kids. He and Lindsey love spending time with family and friends, traveling, and watching their kids participate in various sports and activities.

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