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2017 Contact Riesling

To celebrate National Orange Wine Day, we are highlighting our 2017 Contact Riesling! "Orange wines" are white wines made with extended contact time with the skins of the grapes which contain color pigment, phenols, and tannins resulting in an orange-golden pigmentation.

Contact, our modified orange wine, is meant to showcase a unique and complex expression of such a classical varietal like Riesling. This dry Riesling was left on the skins for 12 - 24 hours, then fermented and aged in new French oak with a portion of the skins.

The palate and bouquet show expressions of marmalade, orange blossom, honeycomb, chamomile tea, crystalized lemon peel and lemon grass. High acidity and a structured palate creates an age-worthy Riesling that is an excellent food wine!

The 2017 Contact Riesling makes a great pairing with soy or teriyaki-based Asian cuisine, roasted spaghetti squash, curried dishes and many seafood dishes. For more of a contrast pairing, try it with a creamy sauce like lemon alfredo pasta!

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