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Still working on your 4th of July weekend menu? Check out our top 8 summer faves!

These summer party recipes and wine pairing suggestions are too good not to re-visit for the 4th! The first three are delicious grillin' mains and the next five are sides full of summer flavor and color!

Gård's top 3 grillin' mains:

The Ultimate Smash Burger

Chicken Kebobs with Lemon Olive Gremolata

Pickle-Glazed BBQ’d Baby Back Ribs

Gård's top 5 summer sides:

Grilled Corn & Arugula Salad

Lentil Salad with Grilled Grapes

Watermelon, Mint & Feta Salad

Fern’s Salad (A crew of cruciferous veggies)

Sunny Melon Salad

Find descriptions and links to the recipes below! We hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful 4th!

Gård's top 3 grilling mains:

The Ultimate Smash Burger - Our Ultimate Smash Burger is made with juicy ground beef and pork that’s smashed flat on a hot griddle with onion to create an irresistible caramelized crust. Topped with melted cheese, griddled mushrooms, bacon and jalapenos, plus “shrettuce" and tomato, this burger is served on a soft brioche bun that’s been toasted to perfection.

Chicken Kebobs with Lemon Olive Gremolata - These citrusy, briny kebabs are a great go-to recipe for the end of summer! Bursting with flavor, they’re perfect for dinner on the patio or a gathering with friends. If you’re like us, you appreciate a make ahead recipe. Prepare the gremolata and marinate/skewer the chicken ahead of time, then fire up the grill when it’s time to cook. Voila - dinner is served!

Pickle-Glazed BBQ’d Baby Back Ribs - The not-so-secret ingredient to these tender, delectable ribs is, of course, pickle juice - a natural meat tenderizer that adds a tangy and sweet undertone to the meat. The ribs get tons of flavor from the dry rub, but the pickle glaze is the kicker!

Gård's top 5 summer sides:

Sunny Melon Salad - This delicious, refreshing melon salad is meant for hot summer days! Simple enough to take camping or on a picnic, yet elevated enough to serve at a sunset dinner party. This salad is great (and vegan) as-is, or to jazz it up, add crispy prosciutto!

Grilled Corn & Arugula Salad - Light and fresh, this seasonal summer salad will liven up any meal with grilled corn, sweet baby tomatoes, peppery arugula, tangy dressing and salty Manchego. Add grilled chicken or fish to make it a meal!

Lentil Salad with Grilled Grapes - This protein-packed herbaceous lentil salad is absolutely delicious and fantastic grilled grapes! Serve as is, or atop arugula or mixed greens for added nutrition and freshness. Add your favorite protein and you have a complete meal. This salad can be made ahead, is perfect for picnics and potlucks!

Fern’s Salad - This crunchy, cruciferous salad recipe is a crowd pleaser, packs well, and lasts! The base includes broccoli, cauliflower and baby peas with a tangy sweet dressing and contrasting smokey saltiness of bacon and/or smokehouse almonds. Unlike a typical green salad that goes all wilty/soggy next day, this one keeps the crunch!

Watermelon, Mint & Feta Salad - The perfect side for whatever you're grilling, this fresh watermelon salad is jam packed with flavor. It's light, cheesy, salty, sweet, juicy, and herbaceous - as well as quick and easy! Add blueberries for a red, white and blue themed side for the 4th of July potluck table.

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