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Honey, Pistachio and Goat Cheese

This Honey, Pistachio and Goat Cheese “recipe” (it’s so easy, can you even call it that?) makes a delicious appetizer with sweet honey, earthy pistachio, fresh figs, and a little spice balancing the creamy tang of goat cheese! This is a another super easy and flexible recipe. Feel free to substitute nuts, fruit or leave out the pepper flakes to your taste - we've included three more suggested renditions at the bottom. Cheers!

Suggested pairing: Rosé Grand Klasse Reserve or Malbec


  • log of goat cheese

  • honey

  • pistachios (or other nut)

  • fresh figs (or other fruit)

  • pepper flakes

  • crackers or crostini

  • optional: salt, to taste


  1. Place goat cheese log on a serving platter/dish

  2. Drizzle with honey (lots - you may even want to make a pool for dipping!)

  3. Sprinkle with chopped, salted pistachios

  4. Add fresh figs or dried figs, dates or apricots

  5. Shake on pepper flakes to taste

  6. Serve with crackers or crostini

  7. Add salt if necessary

  8. Pour a glass of wine if you haven't already - and enjoy!

Rendition 2

Black berries + candied pecans

Rendition 3

Pears + smokehouse almonds

Rendition 4

Walnuts + balsamic


Recipe inspired by club member Colleen - thank you!

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